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In February 2005 we created one of the first online English schools.


10 years experience in teaching English online means that we know exactly what you want:


- Modern, lively interactive learning material

- Friendly, experienced and qualified native English teachers

- Fun, relaxation and comfort while you learn

- Lots of focus on speaking and new vocabulary

- Correction of common mistakes



Our company name is Speak English Limited and we are based in the United Kingdom.

We have a core of excellent teachers who work from their workstations online.




In addition to The Hub, we offer a range of other services including private lessons, testing and evaluation.  Our private lesson courses include:


- General English

- Exam Preparation

- Business English

- Specialised English such as Travel & Tourism, Finance, Medicine, Law and Aviation.



We teach young learners, young adults, adults and senior citizens

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Speak English Limited


Email: info@speakenglishonline.com


Tel. +44 (0) 20 7097 3892



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We're over 10 years old!

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