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- Digital & fully interactive self-study online so you can use the Hub anytime, anyplace


- Works with mobile devices such as iPads, other tablets, iPhones and Androids


- Each unit is full of many different activities for vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, writing and reading 


- Full grammar explanations + follow-up quizzes and tests to check understanding


- Send written work directly to the 'central hub' for sharing with other students & with teachers for feedback


- Voice recording - practice what you've learnt by speaking and recording your voice.  This can also be sent to the hub for sharing & possible teacher feedback


- Extra video content from the British Council & the BBC


- Well-organised & user friendly - integrates with the topics and language in the social media sites, the speaking centre and the online lessons  

1. Digibook - Interactive activities (Online)

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*Other levels: Advanced & Elementary due 2015/2016

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