You must use a headset

- Follow a structured course with a fully experienced & qualified native English teacher


- Main focus on speaking & vocabulary during lessons


- Teacher uses digital interactive software + class whiteboard


- Lessons are fun and active, helping you to relax, feel comfortable - and learn!


- See the previous whiteboards at any time - very useful for reviewing what you learnt in the lesson


- Lessons are recorded so you can play back the whole lesson again afterwards


- Download PDF pages of the digital course book


- Direct links from the student book to the digibook for grammar references when needed


- Includes listening exercises & videos + links to writing and reading activities for students to study before or after the live lesson

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4. Online Lessons - Live classes with a teacher  

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Now you're ready to start going to live classes!

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(Online Lessons)

Sample pages

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*Other levels: Advanced & Elementary due 2015/2016

*You must use a headset so that you sound clear to other students and to teachers. They want to hear you well!

Scope and Sequence



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