3. Speaking Centre

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- This is very innovative software and allows you to practise speaking about special topics for discussion and general learning and conversation


- Available online 24/7 so can be visited at any time from any computer device, tablet or smartphone


- Start speaking immediately you enter the centre or just listen until you're ready & confident to speak


- Use your webcam if you want people to see you


- Make new friends and/or business contacts from around the world


- Take control of the Speaking Centre and choose exactly what you want to learn together


- Free speaking practice but also a safe and productive place to be (we monitor/supervise it)


- We give you all the interactive material, which looks similar to the digibook but with different activities


- The material is lively & topical with lots of quizzes, short videos and vocabulary activities for students to work on together


- Integrates with the topics & language used in the digibook, social media sites & the online lessons


*You must use a headset so that you sound clear to other students and to teachers. They want to hear you well!  

Now you have more confidence so start speaking!

More information

(Speaking Centre)

Sample pages

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Entry page to the Speaking Centre

Group Activities

Activities if only student

Home page - menu

User guide

Clear instructions

Videos with captions for role-play

Vocabulary - interactive matching

Clear questions for discussion

Students discuss answers together

Practice with new vocabulary

Students can record their voices

- Talk to others and make friends

*Other levels: Advanced & Elementary due 2015/2016

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